We invite and encourage you to become a part of the Prison Renaissance community.

Like so many in the world of non-profits, we humbly ask for your monetary contributions. Not only would we like to support artistic communities by paying our contributors, we offer a number of free services to incarcerated people. These services reduce the barriers incarcerated people face in engaging with the outside world.


We also accept donations by check. All correspondence/funds can mailed in care of:

Prison Renaissance
c/o Camille Griep, Director of External Communications
PO Box 2711
Lynnwood, WA 98036

Here are some other ways you might help to enhance our vision:

  • Volunteer for Prison Renaissance: from transcription to web design, we welcome your help. Simply email us.

  • Post your thoughts, personal experiences, and related links about community building with incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people on our articles and content.

  • If you are an artist or writer, visit our Mentorships & Collaborations page for information about how you can discuss craft or collaborate with an incarcerated artist.

  • Subscribe to the Prison Renaissance newsletter.

  • Respond to pieces in our newsletter and Featured Works sections with your own artistic works. See the Contact section for submission guidelines.